Who won the MrBeast $1 million tournament?

town Andrea Memoli,

Although Fortnite is known for its Battle Royale, the creative offers just as many opportunities. Players, Content Creators and brands have created maps to compete in the new creative, trying to make the most of it. Even MrBeast decided to take advantage of it by creating a crazy map in which the winner won $1 million.

Although several players have participated in the creative world cup in the past, this is a unique competition that will establish legitimacy for this mode.

The event’s winner is Guild Anas, a competitive player already known as one of the FNCS Invitational competitors.

Unlike the other tournaments, the ranking verification process will be much longer as Epic wants 110 per cent sure they are paying the correct winner. Despite the quick announcement of the winner, they will only give the money away once they return from this Christmas break.

We will know the actual winner in early 2023, so players can relax and enjoy this winter break while waiting for the official announcement.

That’s all you need to know about the winner of the MrBeast competition within Fortnite!

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