What Review Score Would You Give The Callisto Protocol?

I just don’t understand these commenters about bad combat…

1.You have your baton, you can upgrade it so it disrupts enemy blocks in other words it goes through the enemy block!
2. You can upgrade the baton to have power hit, it is R1
3. You can upgrade the blocking with baton

The baton is the only weapon that I personally fully upgraded

4. The GRP is second important device or maybe most important! You can instakill any enemy with it! ANY REGULAR ENEMY! There are spikes all over the game!!! ALL OVER THE GAME!!!!

5. You can make combos with your weapons!

6. THE ENEMY! The enemies can make combos too! They can hit you with 1 blow, 2 blow or even 3 blow strikes! You can’t guess in this game! You have to watch your enemy, dont guess oh now he hit me 2 blow and i dodged now i hit and all of a sudden the enemy makes third blow and you traded the hits!!!!

7. And if I go against multiple enemies, my gut says don’t go there swinging, shoot 1 or throw it to the distance and kill the other.

8. The blind ones are maybe the easiest enemies, so don’t go running!!!! You can stomp the blind one after you shank those ugly, others wont hear it. You can also GRP kill blinds to spikes and yes! It is the silent way to kill! Throw the enemy low enough on spikes and you can go stomp the enemy on spikes and you get loot too!!!! EASY!

9. Don’t just tap tap tap tap tap.

I played the game on hard and after that i started the game on easy so i can get all the collebtibles and man the game is EASY on easy, i can sell all my health and i just stomp the enemies and every now and then i get meds and im full health again.


And yes 10/10 score

It was 9/10 but all the hate the game gets must get 10 from me

What?!?!? 10? But the game is like dead space copy?
Yeah so what? Maybe the devs loved dead space so much! Go play fortnite chapter 4


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