This Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 Fan Remake in UE4 Is Stunning

Someone is working on a proper Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 Remake within Unreal Engine 4 and it’s looking pretty impressive with a plenty of features.

Many fans consider the second Underground entry in the Need for Speed ​​series the best in the franchise, and a committed fan is currently working on his own fan remake of the game. The fan remake is being created by YouTuber ‘Ivan Novozhilov’, and comes with numerous features that made the original game stand out, including a soundtrack from the Underground games. In addition, this remake packs optimized visuals, an optimized weather cycle, new textures, revamped steering, suspension compression sounds, car turbo and nitrous, optimized auto transmission and clutch, and much more.

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We’ve included 10 minutes of gameplay from this impressive project down below alongside a list of features currently included with this work-in-progress project:

Features Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 Fan Remake UE4

-nitrous (not used here)
-earn NOS back by doing some stuff (airborne, powerslide, almost crash …)
-completely new steering.
-optimized auto transmission and clutch
-fixed slip ratio (no more stuttering)
-collision sounds and sparks
-suspensioncompression sounds
-engine sounds are done except for two. the analysis tool is not good enough for them. maybe someone knows someone who can repitch the files so it works again. at least we have proper engine sounds now.
-sweetner (hear da backfire)
-turbo, sweetener, engine, transmission sounds are done and picked depending on the performance upgrade.
-drastically changed driving behavior. its still in the making and a lot of tweaking, strongly depends on slip angle and traction, these values ​​are changed depending on the speed to allow arcady driving behavior and nice drifts at low speed. depending on the game mode this may change in the future drastically.

-audio zones
-reverb zones
-named zones
-every island has a distinctive colorization.

-optimized graphics for much better performance and an overall more
pleasent look.
-optimized weather cycle
-new textures
-added more missing meshes

-traffic node system (you can’t see but it is there)
-more optimized camera shake
-more optimized radial motion blur
-destructible environment (signs, waterbarrels …)
-music from UG1, UG2, MW is implemented. You can also skip tracks or go a track back (QOL hack ()
-whoosh sounds
-new camera lag and rotation (lag)

-drift score counter + nifty messages
-drift zones (these blue red white striped decals) are used for additional multipliers along with speed for the drift score.
-menus are in the making and already working partially but not shown here.

Overall, this gameplay looks quite spectacular and offers pretty much what fans of the original game loved about it. Whether this fan remake will ever be released to the public remains to be seen, but going by the project’s authenticity, the project will likely face a cease and desist from EA.

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