The Morning After: Dell’s modular laptop concept can be dismantled in seconds

With no cables or screws, Dell’s latest Concept Luna device is pretty compelling. It’s a laptop you can take apart in around 30 seconds, using just a push-pin tool. And we’re talking about replacing the entire keyboard, processor or display because it’s entirely modular.


When it’s all put together, the new Concept Luna looks like a typical Dell laptop (more a Latitude than a slim XPS, to be clear). The new Luna laptop also has room for a CPU fan, to house more powerful processors. Once you’ve replaced a part, it does take longer to boot up, as it, sensibly, has to run through multiple tests to ensure each part works like it should.

We’ve seen modular tech for PCs and even smartphones come and go, but can Dell make this stick? The ability to replace components on, say, an army of enterprise laptops for a company could create huge savings for both the environment and the corporate bottom line.

– Matt Smith

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Musk insinuated they were suspended due to Twitter’s new doxxing rules.

Twitter suspended several journalists from various publications last night. One thing they seem to have in common was covering the social network and Elon Musk, who once described himself as a “free speech absolutist,” and recent stories about the Twitter account @Elonjet, which tracked Elon Musk’s private jet, using publicly available information .

Notable accounts include The Washington Post‘s Drew Harwell duck CNN‘s Donie O’Sullivanthe latter whose last tweets included his interview with Jack Sweeney, the college student who ran the @ElonJet account. The New York Times‘ Ryan Mac lost access to his account after talking about Sweeney and Twitter’s policy changes following @ElonJet’s suspension.

Musk subsequently said on Twitter that accounts “engaged in doxxing receive a temporary 7 day suspension” as a response to his tweet insinuating the journalists were banned due to the website’s new doxxing rules. Musk also entered a Twitter Space discussion and was immediately confronted by Harrell, who accused him of lying about posting links to his private information. Musk soon left the Space.

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It will feature new elements and characters.


Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions is working with LA-based Hammerstone Studios to develop a movie adaptation of Death Stranding. The 2019 action game was already an incredibly cinematic experience, with lengthy cutscenes and dramatic expositions, which is probably partly why they aren’t directly adapting its story into film. According to two Varietythe movie will introduce new elements and characters into the Death Stranding world – perhaps teeing up some of the characters in the sequel?

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The Artemis missions will spend this decade setting up humanity’s first extraterrestrial outpost.

“NASA is building a coalition of partnerships with industry, nations and academia that will help us get to the Moon quickly and sustainably, together,” then-NASA director Jim Bridenstine said in 2020. NASA can put people on the Moon – but it’s the whole keeping them there, alive, that’s the issue. The Moon is generally inhospitable to life, what with its weak gravity, massive temperature swings, razor-sharp, statically charged dust and general lack of liquid water and breathable atmosphere. The first colonists will need power, heat, atmosphere, potable water and more. Andrew Tarantola lays out what the Artemis mission aims to accomplish.

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There’s also a smaller Flip phone with a large cover screen.



Oppo’s Find N2 shares a similar landscape screen design with its predecessor, yet it weighs as little as 233 grams. That’s 42 grams lighter than before, around 30 grams less than the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. The Find N2 has a slightly larger 5.54-inch external display, and, while its 7.1-inch flexible screen has kept the same 9:8.4 “golden” aspect ratio (1,792 x 1,920), it apparently has a less visible crease and improved visibility.

As is often the case with Chinese phone companies, however, Western launches aren’t a definite. Both phones are available for pre-order in China today, ahead of the December 23rd launch for the Find N2 and the December 30th launch for the Find N2 Flip. Oppo reps also told Engadget the Flip will launch in international markets, but they are still evaluating whether to do the same with the bigger Find N2.

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