Someone’s Selling Google’s Pixel Tablet on Facebook Marketplace

A photo of the only official photo Google has released of the Pixel Tablet

This is one of the only promotional photos that Google has officially released of the Pixel Tablet.
Screenshots: Google

Google’s Pixel tablet isn’t supposed to come out until 2023, but we’re already seeing a supposed early unit up for grabs. This leak comes to us pious Twitteralthough it’s just a collection of screwone shots pious a Facebook Marketplace post that claims to be sold the announced-but-unreleased Google Pixel Tablet.

The listing’s headline doesn’t mince any words:


The screenshots show a fairly nondescribe tablet-looking device sporting a Pixel Launcher-esque interface. It’s running Android, not the OS you see on Google’s smart displays. There’s a magnetic speaker dock included in the lot, although when the tablet’s on its own, it looks like someone lobbed off the existing Google Nest Hub‘s screen (but you could say the same about what we’ve seen in Google’s official announcements). The power brick looks like the one that powers the Nest Audio.

A screenshot of the system information is also included in the Twitter thread. The best part is that it’s upside down, so I had to download it and rotate it to read anything. There are about 256GB of storage on the model featured in the Marketplace listing. And when the settings panel is open, you can see the ChromeOS-like dock that populates with the most recently used apps at the bottom. It’s a neat look at Google’s vision of Android 13 in tablet modeand I’m pretty sure this is the Hub Mode referred to in Android 13 QPR1.

The leak’s photos are pretty blurry, so you can’t read the text or make out the icons without squinting. However, I did zoom in to the rotated photo and noticed about 15 hours and 54 minutes of battery left on the purported Pixel Tablet, or about 70%. It’s already better than some older generations of the iPad, according to Gizmodo’s internal benchmark charts.

No one will know anything for sure until the official launch. Technically, you could buy this device on Facebook Marketplace if you’re willing to risk $400 for the sake of finding out early. Maybe just keep whatever you get for yourself this holiday.


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