Samsung 990 Pro Users report a rapidly declining lifespan for the SSD

There are reports of dissatisfaction among some owners of the 2 TB version of Samsung’s SSD flagship, the 990 Pro. Users have claimed that the service life of the SSD has fallen below 95 per cent after just a few days of use. Samsung’s support team reportedly found no problems after contacting an owner, causing concern among users.

The 990 Pro SSD with a capacity of 2 terabytes is reportedly experiencing issues with its lifespan. For some time, users have been reporting that the SSD is losing service life quickly, even with little use. This is unexpected as Samsung’s Pro SSD models are known for their good quality and long service life.

An author from the Neowin website drew attention to the problem, previously reporting on Reddit at the beginning of the year. According to his own statement, he switched from a 970 Evo Plus to a 990 Pro 2 TB. The former is said to have displayed a service life of 99 percent after more than a year. The 990 Pro, on the other hand, had a “Health Status” of 99 percent after just a few days, as determined by the SSD tools Samsung Magician and Crystaldiskinfo. The value then dropped to 98 percent after a few tenths of a gigabyte were read, and eventually dropped to 94 percent after a few days. Similar reports from other 990 Pro 2 TB owners regarding the declining lifespan can be found on other forums and in response to the Neowin author’s Reddit thread.

The Neowin author contacted Samsung’s support and went through the RMA process. Still, Samsung informed him that a decreasing service life of a few percent is normal and sent the same SSD back to the sender formatted and reset to factory settings, as they could not find any errors.

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