NVIDIA working on two desktop GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards with AD104 GPU

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NVIDIA to extend its AD104 GPU product lineup

It is reported by Wccftech that NVIDIA is currently working on AD104-250 and AD104-251 GPUs.

The highly anticipated ‘affordable’ RTX 40 series are set to launch in the coming months. The specifications of the RTX 4070 and 4060 series GPUs were revealed a few weeks ago. But just as we get closer to possible launches, more unconfirmed specs are now being mentioned by other sources.

The RTX 4070 was said to feature an AD104-250 GPU with 5888 CUDA cores and 12GB GDDR6X memory. This graphics card would be limited to 250W TDP. Interestingly, a new SKU number has just been mentioned featuring the same GPU variant but also lower TDP. At this point, it is unclear what name this SKU would get, or which AD104-250 specs are correct, though.

New SKUs provided to board partners:

  • PG141-SKU343 – AD104-250 GPU – 200W TDP – Production February 2H
  • PG141-SKU345 – AD104-251 GPU – 200W TDP – Production March 2H

More importantly, there is a second AD104 card with an entirely different board SKU number and yet another variant of the graphics processor. A part equipped with AD104-251 is likely to feature minimal changes to the specs, possibly related to the memory configuration. Another possibility is that NVIDIA is simply exploring which design would make it better for the current market.

The source provided possible mass production dates for both SKUs, one now being planned for the second half of February while the other would follow a month later. This suggests a launch in the second quarter.

One should note that NVIDIA often feeds conflicting specs to board partners (where we believe this rumor originated from), only to change its plans later on. This rumor certainly does not provide answers but only more speculation at this point. The good news is that at least two desktop AD104 cards are planned.

RUMORED NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Specs
VideoCardz.com RTX 4070 Ti RTX 4070 Unknown Unknown RTX 4060 Ti
Board SKU PG141-SKU331 PG141-SKU336/337 PG141-SKU343 PG141-SKU345 PG190
Architecture Ada (TSMC 4N) Ada (TSMC 4N) Ada (TSMC 4N) Ada (TSMC 4N) Ada (TSMC 4N)
GPU AD104-400 AD104-250 AD104-250 AD104-251 AD106-350
Boost Clock TB TB TB TB
Memory TB TB
Memory Bus TB TB
Default TGP
Release date January 5th, 2023 TB Production in February Production in March TB

Source: Wccftech

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