New Xbox Controller Comes with Extra Feature

A new Xbox Series X|S controller was revealed this week, one that comes with many of the expected features commonly seen in premium controllers. This one, however, has one extra component that’s not really been seen anywhere else. The controller comes from Asus and is called the ROG Raikiri Pro, and unlike its competitors, it’s got a built-in OLED display right in the center of the controller that users can utilize to display animations and helpful info about their device.

Revealed during CES 2023, the new Asus controller is designed to work for the Xbox Series X|S consoles but can also work on the PC platform. It’s got trigger stops and the customary additions of four extra buttons on the back that can be remapped to different inputs, but the OLED screen is by far its most defining factor.

Over on the Asus site where a page has already been set up for the ROG Raikiri Pro, some more details were offered about what, exactly, people can do with this OLED display. Some examples shown there as well as in the video below demonstrated that users can customize the display to present things like the charge left on the controller, text outputs, and mic status.

“Get creative and show off your style by adding a custom image, animation or text on the built-in OLED display via Armory Crate,” a preview of the Use it to switch profiles on the fly or to view the current controller profile, charging and power status, or mic status. Two buttons above the OLED display can be used to switch between different controller profiles even in the middle of a game, or change what’s being displayed on the OLED.”

To get the full experience out of this controller, you’ll have to use the Armory Crate app from Asus to customize things like various inputs and the lighting effects, though that’ll hardly be a dealbreaker for those interested.

What might be a dealbreaker, however, is the price. Asus hasn’t yet revealed the price for this controller nor has it confirmed a release date, but considering how expensive some of these premium controllers can be, it’s hard to imagine this new Asus controller being any cheaper than its competitors.


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