New $2.1M Pagani hypercar has ‘rocket-booster’ exhausts and 852 horsepower

PAGANI has announced the 2023 Utopia hypercar as its replacement for its long-running Huayra model that debuted in 2011.

The Utopia marks the third time since 1999 that Pagani has manufactured a new vehicle.


2023 Pagani Utopia side shotCredit: Pagani

The styling within Pagani’s Utopia took six years to develop, Carscoops reports.

Rocket-booster central exhausts and jet turbine-inspired rear lights preview exceptional performance, while the central monocoque gives a nod to classic Pagani design.

A monocoque chassis is a shell formed around the car produced using both chassis as the frame in a single construction, GoMechanic reports.

Fueling the Utopia’s 864 horsepower output is a 6.0-liter twin-turbo AMG V-12 engine that emits 811 lb.-ft. of torque.

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In 2019, Pagani founder, Horacio Pagani, said 70 percent of his customers were requesting manual transmissions, Road and Track reports.

Drivers purchasing a 2023 Pagani Utopia can choose between a seven-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Hop inside this hypercar’s interior, and you’ll find a gauge cluster with a display controlling all of the vehicle’s infotainment functions.

This infotainment configuration isn’t typical, given that most modern cars install these all-in-one screens in a central dashboard position.

A focal point of this vehicle’s cabin is its chrome gated manual shift lever that attracts plenty of attention on the center tunnel.

North American Pagani Utopia sales should become a reality since the car complies with all global emissions regulations.

The NHTSA [National Highway Traffic Safety Administration] previously declared that Pagani’s Huyara was no longer eligible for US importation based on safety grounds.

Pagani also noted that its Utopia was put through 50 crash tests which could not have been cheap, Road and Track reports.

Sneak preview of the 2023 Pagani Utopia's glowing interior


Sneak preview of the 2023 Pagani Utopia’s glowing interiorCredit: Pagani

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