More faces, Gorilla Glass revealed

After yesterday’s “Google Pixel Collection” teaser, Google this morning shared “The Design of Google Pixel Watch” video that shows off several more watch faces.

This design video comes in at just 51 seconds, while there’s only really 30 seconds of actual Pixel Watch footage. We see several people wearing the Pixel Watch to help give an idea of ​​on-wrist sizing and appearance. Meanwhile, the stainless, steel, black (which looks matte), and rose gold cases are all on display, as well as the Hazel Lemongrass (yellow/green), Chalk (white/beige), Charcoal (gray), and Obsidian bands .

The first new and notable shot of the Pixel Watch emphasizes just how thick the wearable is. We distinctly see its three layers: screen, case with the routing crown that juts out quite prominently, and underside with sensors.

From the ring of text on the bottom, we can make out “Heart Rate Sensor” and “Stainless Steel Case.” Compared to images shared at I/O, Google looks to have adjusted the ordering. In fact, they added “Gorilla Glass” — exact formulation unclear — to it since May.

Google then cycles through seven watch faces:

  • Analog with shapes for hour markers.
  • Simple analog one that Google has been using for several months now with a thick pill-shaped hour hand and one complication slot at 6 o’clock.
  • Very simple digital face that shows the time in two rows and almost takes up the entire display. That font is a bit thin.
  • Shrunken down analog clock with three circular complication slots at the right.
  • Time with a small complication slot above and three below. Sundar Pichai was using this one.
  • Traditional analog with hour markers. Pills used for 3/6/9 and a triangle at 12.
  • Full-screen digital dials with rotating seconds ring.

We first shared many of these watch faces in December of 2021.

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