Why does the Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro make me sad?

Tell me there is a purple phone and I can tell you which color I’m buying. usually. I am a fan of purple, from slightly blushing blues to the deepest violet. You know there are plenty of purple people like me because there are stores devoted to purple. I’m not picky about my purple either, people. I just like purple, and I thought every purple. Until I saw the Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro.

There are two reasons I’m predisposed to buying the Deep Purple iPhone. The first is because it’s purple, of course. I like purple, I think I said so above. The second reason is that it’s unique. I value uniqueness, often more highly than other values. I think the silver iPhone 14 Pro is gorgeous, and the Space Black is very chic, but I was leaning Deep Purple simply because it’s different.

How else would you know which iPhone I’m using?

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