Smartphone too hot to handle? How to keep iPhone, Android phone from overheating in summer weather

Scorching temperatures don’t just leave people hot and bothered. They can affect our iPhone or Android phones, too.

Millions of Americans living in the Northeast faced excessive heat warnings on Sunday as temperatures jumped to near-record levels.

Both Boston and Philadelphia broke daily heat records on Sunday, as both cities reached a high of 99 degrees.

Using an iPhone or Android phone outdoors can create strain on devices, forcing them to shut down if the phone gets too hot.

Obviously, you’ll feel your smartphone get warmer to the touch when using it. But what can lead to smartphones heating up more quickly in hot weather? And what can you do to cool your phone down?

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What causes your phone to warm up?

Both the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones are built to operate from 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apple notes using your iPhone in very hot conditions “can permanently shorten battery life.”

No surprise here, but hot weather plays a significant role in how warm your phone gets. Whether it’s sitting in your pocket, in your car, or somewhere near direct sunlight, the higher temperatures cause your phone to heat up more quickly.

Charging your device can cause it to heat up a bit, too, whether wirelessly or via a cord.

Apps or games that hog the graphics or processing capabilities of your phone cause it to heat up, as do certain features such as GPS or high-quality video.

How do I know whether my smartphone is heating up?

Your iPhone or Galaxy phone will give away signals that it’s starting to reach a point where they’re getting too hot.

Samsung notes that “access to certain features/functions may temporarily freeze as a mean to protect the device” when it crosses heat thresholds.

On the iPhone, Apple said the device will make several adjustments, including slower charging, dimmer displays, and the flashlight and flash for photos are disabled.

Once your phone gets too hot, it will display warnings that the device needs to cool down before you can use it again. Both iPhones and Galaxy models will still allow you to make emergency calls during that time.

How to cool your phone

If you find yourself with an overheated phone, take these steps to cool it down so it works again:

  • Turn your phone off. Not exactly the most convenient solution, especially if you need your phone at that moment. But giving your phone a power break can help it cool.

  • Get it away from the heat. If your phone is in direct sunlight, move it into the shade. If it’s in your car, take it out, since the temperature inside a hot car can climb quickly.

  • Take the case off. Removing the case on your phone might help.

  • Avoid tasks that turn up the heat. Certain activities will cause your phone to warm up more quickly, including streaming video, playing graphics-heavy games or using navigation apps that lean on GPS.

  • Take a break from charging. Unplug your phone or remove it from a wireless charging hub while it attempts to cool.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: iPhone too hot? How to cool your smartphone in summer weather

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