Several park upgrade projects near completion in Biloxi

The City of Biloxi is focusing on projects that will rebuild and beautify parks around the city.

The city began upgrading five parks just a couple of weeks ago. These upgrades include new playground equipment for Savarro Park, Pennzoil-McManus Park, Eagle Point Park, and Businessman’s Park.

Savarro Park is also adding a new dog park to the area. New workout equipment will be added to John Joseph O’Reilly Park as well.

Residents will begin seeing the finished products around the beginning of October. Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Cecilia Dobbs Walton said, “Parks in the city of Biloxi of course adds to the quality of life to anybody, visitors and residents, so being able to make upgrades to the parks is something that the city is excited and hopefully residents are excited to have, so we’re looking forward to having the park project complete and having people enjoying the amenities that the City of Biloxi has to offer.”

Harrison County is assisting with the demolition of the old equipment and Pelican Playgrounds is installing the playgrounds.

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