OnePlus 10T launch live blog: follow along as the new Android phone arrives


Something that’s interesting is that OnePlus had two launches today.

One was obviously the OnePlus 10T launch – that’s what you’re here for, presumably – but the other was a Chinese-only one for the OnePlus Ace Pro.

However this second launch event has been canceled at the last minute, and it’s not quite clear why. What’s doubly odd is that this cancellation happened the day after Motorola called off a similar China-only event.

So what’s going on? We don’t know – but the OnePlus 10T launch is still going on.

It’s OnePlus 10T launch live blog time at TechRadar, and we’re getting the engine running for another launch event – there are still hours to go before OnePlus’ live stream starts though, so there’s no need to warm up your popcorn just yet.

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