I argued with Meta’s new AI chatbot ‘BlenderBot 3″ about iPhone vs. Android — here’s what happened

BlenderBot 3 is the new AI chatterbox that Facebook — er, I mean “Meta” (I’ll never get used to that name) — released to the public last Friday. According to an Aug. 5 blog post, the social media giant claimed that BlenderBot is a “state-of-the-art conversational agent that can converse naturally with people.”

I don’t take things at face value, so I decided to experiment with this new AI chatbot myself. BlenderBot 3 is, admittedly, pretty damn good. I thought I’d stump it with an Android vs. iPhone debate, but BlenderBot 3 kept up with me like any other online troll — erm, I mean “human.”

My infouriating ‘Android vs. iPhone’ debate with BlenderBot 3

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