How to help Vermont track cell phone coverage

Do you have poor cell phone service at your home, work or other places you visit in Vermont? Now’s your chance to prove it and help the state find low coverage areas.

Maybe you can only make a phone call from your house when you are connected to wi-fi or want to take a hike but are concerned about connectivity to use the internet for navigation.

The Department of Public Service is drive tests for the major cell phone carriers and their coverage across the state. The state is using the company Ookla, which they say is an objective, third-party service to test out wireless network coverage.

Vermont Agency of Transportation drivers will conduct voice call and internet speed tests on all the state-maintained highways and major roads for AT&T, FirstNet, T-Mobile, US cellular, Verizon, and VTel Wireless. But, they cannot travel every road and are asking the public to help out, especially in areas they are not planning to hit.

The combined information from the state and the public will help create a map that will show Vermonters which areas of the state are best covered by specific carriers. It can also show where FCC maps have failed to address the reality of the lack of cell service for much of the state. Tests like these have been performed before − the most recent one was from 2018.

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