How To Fix When Your iPhone Has No Service

One of the most common reasons for an iPhone to lose service is the inability to receive a network signal. This can be caused by local interference, thick walls, tunnels, being underground or on a subway, or otherwise traveling through a physical space where your carrier’s signal can’t reach (ie, “dead zones”).

Restrictions on roaming, which are often turned on by default to avoid unexpected fees, could also be the cause if you’re visiting another country. Alternatively, if the connection problem is limited to data usage for email or using an internet browser, your cellular data usage might be turned off or experiencing some kind of error.

There’s also a possibility that, if you’re using AT&T, the phasing out of its 3G network is to blame. While this likely won’t affect you if you have a newer iPhone, anything that predates the iPhone 6 (a 5s, 5c, etc.) could be affected. Your iPhone’s SIM card may also be to blame due to damage, age, or some other error.

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