How To Connect A PS5 Controller To Your iPhone

In order to sync your DualSense controller to your iPhone for use with Apple Arcade (or any compatible game), you’ll need to follow a simple process on both the peripheral and on the iPhone or iPad that you are attempting to sync with your DualSense controller.

1. Press and hold the “Capture” and “Home” buttons on the DualSense controller for several seconds until the controller’s blue LED steadily blinks. We’ve illustrated these two buttons in the image above.

2. On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the “Settings” menu, then to “Bluetooth,” and from there you’ll find your DualSense controller ready to connect with your Apple device under “Other Devices.”

3. Tap on “DualSense Wireless Controller” under My Devices and wait for the phone and controller to pair. Once the two are connected, the DualSense LED will turn a solid red, and it’ll be listed as “Connected” under My Devices. Once your Apple device has connected to a DualSense controller once, it can reconnect at any time — just as long as the DualSense controller is in Bluetooth mode.

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