Fulton County School cell phone rules, code of conduct

Here’s what the new rules say.

ATLANTA — Students will be required to put the phones away starting next school year at Fulton County Schools.

According to the newly released code of conduct rules for the 2022-2023 school year, elementary school students will be prohibited from using any form of “personal communication device” during school hours.

While cell phones are the obvious target under the new rule, the district is also looping in devices such as tablets and Apple Watches into its definition.

Meanwhile, students in grades 6-12 won’t be allowed to use them during class time, but can if they are instructed to by a teacher.

In a post on the district’s website, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Christopher Matthews is noted as explaining that all of these devises are highly distracting to students, and that “accessing, engaging, and contributing to the instructional process is vitally important to student success.”

Previously, having a phone out in class was considered only a “minor act of misconduct,” an action only punishable by up to five days of in school suspension, according to the district.

However, these new rules would strengthen that punishment to up to five days out of school suspension.

In the same statement, the district also added that using a phone to “record and distribute illegal activity, egregious or dangerous events” is also prohibited.

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