Fat Bottom BBQ hosted Thanksgiving feast

Fat Bottom BBQ put their BBQ sauce and smoked meats to the side and substituted those for a nice Thanksgiving feast today.

Management put away its regular menu and instead cooked an entire Thanksgiving feast to feed to coast residents for free.

The meal consisted of turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, and much more.

This feast’s tradition began with Fat Bottom’s founder Henry Wentell Sr. When the restaurant was still located in the original building across the street.

He has since passed on and the team looks to keep his tradition alive.

“We want to carry his legacy on because this was something that was near and close to his heart. It’s just carrying on a legacy,” said Ava Gazzo-King, Fat Bottom BBQ’s general manager. It’s just amazing to be able to do this. It touches my heart to be able to open the doors and have everyone here volunteer out of the kindness of their heart.”

This is the 8th year that Fat Bottom BBQ has hosted this meal.

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