XQc finally finds himself in episode of Daily Dose of Internet

XQc is a streaming icon at this point, recognizable across the internet for his massive Twitch following, controversial takes, and gaming abilities. The shapes Overwatch League pro often finds himself at the center of discussions all over the world wide web, most recently on Daily Dose of Internet.

Daily Dose of Internet is a popular YouTube channel with 14.1 million subscribers. While popular, its following within the gaming world is often ironic. XQc will often watch episodes on Twitch while reacting to the clip compilations with his viewers. But recently, xQc was surprised to see himself on one of the episodes.

And it wasn’t flattering.

In the clip, the commentator can be heard saying: “These streamers are trying to make electronic music without having any knowledge of music theory.”

XQc could be seen scrunching up his face in confusion in the original clip and then scratching his head. As the terrible music continued, someone tells xQc: “OK, I think you need theory.”

Instead of being annoyed at the commentary, however, xQc laughed and said, “We got one, dude.”

With Daily Dose of Internet becoming such a big part of his streaming schedule, xQc was delighted to finally be a part of a compilation. He started laughing and had a big smile on his face. His followers were equally amused, spamming “This guy knows how to make it in a Daily Dose of Internet video” on YouTube.

The meme comes from a clip from early 2021 where xQc was reacting to a Daily Dose of Internet that said “This guy really knows how to draw a perfect circle.” XQc decided to say the line himself, playing with the audio clip and laughing hysterically.

How popular is xQc on Twitch now?

Despite his silly behavior and casual streams, xQc has continued to be one of the most popular streamers of all time. On Twitch, he has 11 million followers. He has also been constantly at the top of the charts when it comes to hours watched and streaming income.

XQc had some of his biggest numbers when he started streaming Master Chief and other reality shows. He also gained a lot of attention for his Amber Heard vs. Jonny Depp trial watch parties. While some fans are not pleased with his decision to stream gambling content, xQc shows no sign of slowing down his growth.

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