This Cat Getting a Haircut is the Cutest Thing On the Internet

No matter if you call yourself a cat person or a dog person, we all know pets in general know how to wrap us around their paws. It comes as second nature to them to melt our hearts. Just take a look at this adorable cat getting its hair trimmed and you will instantly agree. This clip was shared on Twitter on Wednesday and since then has already gained almost 3 million views. The cat can be seen calmly sitting with a cloth around its neck. The hairdresser gives a little trim on the top and a little on its whiskers. Not to worry, he makes sure not to damage the vital sensor organs of the cat. Check out the clip here:

Social media users gushed over the cat’s patience and several called it “cute”. A few mentioned that this clip had given them a serotonin boost. One Twitter user commented, “Have you ever heard of people who have no chill? That’s because this cat took ALL their chill. My goodness, that’s adorable.”

Another comment read, “That has to be the calmest cat I’ve ever seen on video.”

“This is a barber shop I would work in for free,” a third user wrote. Another user was in total agreement.

Meanwhile, this is not the only cat that is winning the Internet. Recently, a feline left Twitter users in stitches after its video went viral, sliding down a slope. The tiny cat slides down the slope at the side of a staircase. For a moment it remains there before running up again. It lies down and repeats its antics. Captioned, “Cat Slide,” the clip was shared on November 3, and now has over 7 million views. Take a peek here:

Several Twitter users agreed that it looks like the cat was having fun. One even mentioned the feline would probably fall asleep after tiring itself out by doing that over and over again.

What do you think of these adorable felines?

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