Resident frustrated with apartment’s broadband switch

PHOENIX — When it comes to internet providers, many people feel there are too few options and they’re left paying whatever price is offered.

So, when Denise, a resident at Mira Santi Apartments in Chandler, thought she’d be locked into only one choice she reached out to the Let Joe Know team.

Denise received a 30-day notice from the property stating Cox Communications would be offering high-speed internet to all units. Mira Santi would pay Cox and then charge residents.

But Denise uses CenturyLink and has a deal she doesn’t want to lose. “They offered me a lifetime deal… when they found out I was ex-military, they lowered [the bill] down to $40,” Denise said.

The Let Joe Know team reached out to the apartment complex.

A representative with Mark-Tayor, which manages the property, wrote in an email: “The vast majority of Mira Santi residents already use Cox” adding “for the few residents who might pay less for their internet, Mira Santi will cover the cost difference between their current internet and the $60 fee for Gigablast WiFi until the resident’s lease is renewed.”

Denise said she asked about the cost difference coverage but didn’t get a response. She also worried switching to Cox meant she’d lose out on her CenturyLink deal in the future as well.

“We should have a choice as consumers to choose our own internet provider,” said Denise.

Earlier this year, the Federal Communication Commission adopted new rules cracking down on certain, exclusive broadband deals. But those rules do not apply to all bulk agreements and do not prohibit a landlord from requiring the use of certain providers.

In an emailed statement, Cox Communications writes, residents can order broadband service from another provider if they prefer.

That’s great news for Denise who says she was notified by the property she will be able to keep CenturyLink.

If you rent, take a look at your lease to see if your landlord reserves the right to specify a specific utility provider.

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