Mona Lisa gets an Indian makeover, Internet is loving it!

Mona Lisa is one of the most recognizable artworks in this entire world. Created by the Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci in 1503, the painting is not only one of the most valuable paintings, but has also been parodied a lot, by a wide number as well as variety of artists all over the world. Adding to this list is a fashion company, Resha Weaves, whose imaginative photos depicting Mona Lisa in traditional attires of different Indian states have gone viral. The company posted pictures of Mona Lisa with an Indian makeover on their Twitter page.

The hilarious Twitter thread depicting Mona Lisa dressed as women of various states in the country is going crazy viral on social media. Resha Weaves shared their version of Mona Lisa and ‘Lisa Tai’ from Maharashtra.

We get to see the Maharashtrian version of the painting called ‘Lisa Tai’, wearing a traditional Marathi styled saree and jewelery in the backdrop of a landscape and saffron flag. Next in line is ‘Lisa Devi’ from Bihar, ‘Maharani Lisa’ from Rajasthan, as well as ‘Shona Lisa’ from Kolkata. There is also a portrayal of the painting as ‘Lisa Mausi’ from South Delhi.

The thread also explores ‘Lisa Bomma’ version from Telangana, ‘Lisa Mol’ from Kerala, and Gujarati version called ‘Lisa Ben’. There is ‘Lisa Mami’ from Tamil Nadu as well.

Originally posted on the Instagram page of Resha Weaves, the thread blew up on Twitter after being shared multiple times.

Check out the hilarious and creative depiction of Mona Lisa in her Indian avatars!

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