Bizarre Internet Video Of The Week

This has been making the rounds on the internet all week. I don’t know what to think of it. You have so many questions.

Where did their lives veer off the road so bad that they ended up playing music in a store?

Ryan Reynolds gave Deadpool fans a delightful shock earlier tonight with a single tweet. The tweet included some long-awaited information about the next Deadpool movie.

In a video that sees him sitting on a couch and talking to the camera, he notes that the Deadpool team wasn’t at Disney’s annual D23 event, and so there was no Deadpool news at the event’s Marvel panel. The video had a serious tone (which led any Deadpool fan to realize that the other shoe was about to drop). In it, Reynolds discussed how Deadpool’s “first appearance in the MCU needs to feel special.”

“It’s been an incredible challenge that has forced me to reach down deep inside and I… have nothing.”

“But,” he adds, “We did have one idea.” As a familiar figure walks behind him and climbs the stairs, he says, “Hey Hugh? You want to play Wolverine one more time?”

Hugh Jackman, sounding very disinterested, answers, “Yeah, sure Ryan.” From there, we hear Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” but the closed captioning reads, “And I will always love Hugh.” The graphic then says, “Coming Hughn.” But not too “hughn!” We then see the Deadpool logo with three (adamantium clawe) slashes across it, and then “9.6.24.” See how twitter reacted to the hughee announcement below.

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