Intel ARC desktop GPU roadmap leaks, Alchemist+ in Q3 2023, Battlemage in 2024

Intel Arc Battlemage ‘early enabling’ in Q1 2024

RedGamingTech has leaked an alleged roadmap featuring the Intel Arc GPU series.

The roadmap exclusively focuses on desktop GPUs, so possibly the most interesting part of Intel’s plans for the Arc series. According to the leaked slide, Intel would not update its desktop product stack until late Q1 2023 at least. One should note that the roadmap is slightly outdated and the timing may shift further in time.

Intel Arc GPU Roadmap, Source: RedGamingTech

In late Q1 Intel would introduce two 150W SKUs: SKU3 (D23-P5) and SKU5 (D23-M3), both featuring 6GB 16 Gbps memory. Those would target the upper mainstream segment. Interestingly, in Q3 and Q4 Intel would add another Arc Alchemist GPUs, codenamed Alchemist+ (ACM+), but this time also 175-225W TDP model and new 75-100W SKU as well.

More importantly, the roadmap confirms Intel’s plans for Battlemage in Q1 2024. This is when early enabling is set to start, probably to select partners. However, the actual launch of the BMG G10 SKU with TDP lower than 225W would begin in Q2 2024, the slide would suggest. The series would also receive a second SKU with ~150W TDP (BMG G21) in the same quarter.

Intel Arc Battlemage, Source: RedGamingTech

RedGamingTech has also leaked main details on Battlemage architecture. The series are to feature improved ray tracing acceleration, microarchitecture improvements and ‘next-gen’ machine learning-based rendering tech. The slide confirms Xe2-HPG will target the performance and enthusiast gaming segment.

As mentioned above, the roadmap may not be accurate anymore, but the plan was clearly to launch the Battlemage no sooner than 2024.


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