High on Life update seemingly fixes several bugged achievements

Another patch has gone live for High on Life, with this one apparently bringing fixes for several of the game’s broken achievements… although it appears you may have to start a fresh playthrough for some to work correctly.

We’re not quite ready to declare Squanch Games’ crazy sci-fi shooter High on Life one of the best games on Game Pass, but the fact that it has received two patches in the space of a week to address its launch issues is certainly great to see. This new update looks to sort a few of the High on Life achievements where tracking and in-game challenges would stop working following certain easily replicated conditions (such as dying or reloading a checkpoint), although it appears that existing save files still won’t be able to get the full completion.

High on Life’s second patch now live, several achievements apparently fixed

We’ve already seen a few unlocks for Playing Card to Get, suggesting that grabbing or already having all 27 collectible cards should now unlock this achievement correctly. Whether or not Mods Please Ban, the achievement for completing all the bounty hunter forum challenges, has been fixed is not yet clear, however — existing saves do not seem to play nice with some of the updated challenges, although we’re yet to encounter the old bug where forums would just suddenly become locked after closing the game, having now restarted on a fresh file, so it’ll likely take a little while for someone to grind out these challenges on a new save before we can say for sure whether this one is now working as intended. Even if not, Squanch’s speedy patching so far certainly gives hope that it’ll be sorted soon, so we’ll keep you posted.

Glad to see High on Life get such quick fixes? Anything to report on the Mods Please Ban achievement? Let us know down in the comments!

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