Head-scratching Samsung Galaxy S23 series pricing dilemma could cause release date delay as leaker offers optimistic suggestion

A leaker has claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S23 release date cannot be pinned down at the moment due to concerns raised about pricing the upcoming smartphones. The tipster @TheGalox_ has offered up a timeframe window of “mid to late February” for a release of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, but nothing more precise than that date range is mentioned, although it is later expressed that it will be ” worth the wait”.

According to the same source, this indecision to announce (or leak) a particular date is down to “deciding on a price”. Undoubtedly, this is a tricky process for any company involved in a major product launch, but it is especially so in the fiercely competitive and overcrowded smartphone market. Apple launched its recent iPhone 14 series with the entry-level model starting at US$799, which is a price tag Samsung may feel obliged to meet with the standard Galaxy S23 model.

In addition to offering a reason for a potential delay, the leaker has also posted Samsung Galaxy S23 price tags that they would choose. The Galaxy S23 comes in at US$799, the Galaxy S23+ at US$899, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra starting at US$1,199. It is an optimistic suggestion, as this would mean the S23 and S23 Ultra match their predecessor’s respective launch prices while the S23+ would be US$100 cheaper than the Galaxy S22+ at launch time (US$999).

With the Xiaomi 13 series being priced very aggressively for the domestic market of China, at 3,999 yuan (US$573) for the regular model and 6,299 yuan (US$903) for the Xiaomi 13 Pro, it is clear to see that Samsung is being assaulted from both sides of the smartphone market: Android and iOS. Many reports have accused the OEM of cost-cutting measures with the Galaxy S23 series, but this in turn may lead to the 2023 flagship phones being launched at less exorbitant prices.

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