Google Voice now auto switches between Wi-Fi and cellular

Google Voice rarely sees big updates that aren’t primarily enterprise-facing these days, but it is now getting “intelligent network switching” to improve call quality.

Previously, the VoIP service “identified the ideal network only at the time the call was placed.” Google Voice now “automatically switches ongoing calls between cellular data service and Wi-Fi when it determines that one network type will lead to better call quality.”

This feature should already be available for all Google Voice users, which presumably includes free accounts in the US. Given the connectivity required, it’s presumably for the mobile apps, but Google does not specify whether it’s just for one particular platform. No other details are available, but you should be able to experience it now, even though it is a background feature.

Looking at the past year in launches, Google Voice did gain the “ability to place or receive a second call when you are on an ongoing call” in late July:

You can quickly decide if you would like to take the second incoming call by placing the current call on hold or by hanging up the current call. You can also reject the second incoming call if you would rather not be interrupted right now.

Other features, like linking phone numbers from local carriers and giving admins the ability to control automatic or manual call recording, are meant for paying enterprise customers.

Google Voice for Android is in need of a Material You redesign at this point. It’s one of the few Workspace apps without an animated splash screen or even Workspace branding. Meanwhile, RCS would be a very nice addition, but it seems that calling is the primary focus of Google Voice these days, especially for enterprise customers.

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