Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro repair parts now on iFixit

Following the Pixel 6a in November, iFixit now sells genuine repair parts for the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro as part of its continued partnership with Google.

Starting with the smaller phone, iFixit now sells the “Google Pixel 7 Screen – Genuine” (6.3 inch 1080 x 2400 AMOLED) for $129.99. The 4,270 mAh battery is $42.99 and iFixit notes how you should calibrate your newly installed battery by “charge[ing] it to 100% and keep charging it for at least 2 more hours. Then use your device until it shuts off due to low battery. Finally, charge it uninterrupted to 100%.”

The wide rear ($89.99) and ultrawide rear ($42.99) cameras are sold separately, while there are three other Pixel 7 parts for $3.99 on the store: graphite sheet (covering the lower part of the battery and motherboard), black silicone pad (covering the graphite sheet), and display adhesive.

Moving on to the flagship, it’s $199.99 for a Pixel 7 Pro screen (6.7 inch 1440 x 3120 pixel AMOLED with “Integrated Fingerprint Reader”). The 4,926 mAh battery is $42.99 and $152.99 gets you the entire triple rear camera assembly. The two other parts cost $3.99 each:

  • Replace a torn or missing graphite sheet covering the upper part of the battery and motherboard in a Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone.
  • This custom cut adhesive film secures the display panel to the frame of a Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone.

Some of the Pixel 7 repair parts are already out of stock, but there’s an email waitlist. Meanwhile, it’s a few dollars more if you want the kit with the necessary tools if you don’t already have your own.

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