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There are 365 days in 2022. And of all of them, the 4th day in July is the most dangerous for smartphones. That’s according to a report by the device insurance and repair company Asurion.

Asurion’s Larry Murphy says it’s about a 50% increase over their next busiest day of the year.

“Primarily two things, cracked glass and liquid damage. I mean people are out and about, they’re doing things with their devices. They’re excited, lots of movement, lots of cracks, lots of drops, and lots of liquid damage . “

Last year, Asurion saw an 80% increase in water-related damage, a 10% increase in cracked screens, and a 65% surge in lost devices. Lost as in, at the bottom of the ocean or dropped off a cliff. So what should you do between now and the 4th, to prepare for the possibility that something will happen to your precious device?

“I’ll tell you first and foremost, to back up your device. Set your device to back up on a regular basis, whether that’s daily, weekly, or monthly,” Murphy said.

“Next is going to be put a case on there. If you’re going to be near an environment where there’s lots of water we recommend going after a waterproof case. If you don’t want to put a case on there, put some type of liquid glass on your screen. It’s going to help prevent, or at least save your device when you drop it. “

The good news is that most smartphones are water-resistant so if it does get wet from a splash, or even if it takes a quick dip in the pool, it’ll probably be okay.

The best way to protect your phone on a fun day like the 4th: Just put it somewhere safe, leave it alone, and enjoy the holiday.


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