Troubled Tigerland apartments fail federal inspection; tenants receiving assistance asked to move

BATON ROUGE – An apartment complex in Tigerland already had the attention of the district attorney, and now it has the attention of the local managers for the federal Section 8 program.

It was just last week when Monika Sandlin told 2 On Your Side that she felt stuck in her situation because of the limited number of apartment complexes that accept vouchers.

“Even Section 8 doesn’t think this place is safe anymore,” Sandlin said.

Following a WBRZ report, the Housing Authority performed an inspection at Tiger Plaza and failed the property. The failed inspection means that Sandlin and other Section 8 tenants living there have to find a new place to live.

The conditions at Tiger Plaza have deteriorated. Sandlin showed WBRZ the broken windows, doors that have been kicked in, trash and large potholes. The unit next to hers is not secure.

“This is one of the two apartments that have people who are squatting in it,” Sandlin said. “This has been open like this since I left this morning at 7 o’clock.”

In 2021, police responded to more than 400 calls at Tiger Plaza. Sandlin moved last June and said she doesn’t feel safe living there.

District Attorney Hillar Moore said he has spoken with the owners who plan to address the situation. Moore said he was impressed with their knowledge of the problems.

“We’re hopeful that they’ll turn it around,” he said.

Sandlin said she’s been looking for a new place to live because she has to move out soon. She’ll keep her Section 8 voucher but will need to come up with the security deposit on her own.

“I stumbled upon an apartment that I’m trying to get the deposit and stuff together for. If I can get everything together in time it’ll be a better place,” said Sandlin.

Hopefully, it’s one where she’ll feel safer.


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