This 5-in-1 USB hub offers fast charging and data transfer for under $20

It’s a true wonder that we used to be able to function at all. The 21st century has made us so reliant on our technology that when we have to do without, we are at a loss. So, in order to help us keep our sanity and to stay connected with our devices fully running, we offer you this 5-in-1 charger. Not only will it juice up to five devices at once, but it allows for fast data transfer, ensuring that you will be operating at optimal capacity at all times.

When you see the bars on your devices in general, and your phone in particular, does it cause you stress and anxiety? If so, you are not alone. In fact, the reaction is common enough that it’s even been given a name—nomophobia (short for no more mobile phone phobia). Fortunately it’s a condition that can easily be combated if you have the foresight to keep your devices fully charged and with this Mini Type-C to USB Hub you will be able to charge more than one at a time.


Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, earbuds, smartwatch, or any of your other devices that use a USB interface, this hub has the power to have them (and by extension, you) operating at full strength. It features 2 PD (Power Delivery) ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, and 2 USB 2.0 ports, each offering fast charging and transfer rates. Its compact size allows you to transport it with you anywhere, while the thick and durable wiring will ensure its longevity.

Regularly priced at $48.99, this little lifesaver can be yours now for only $19.99—that’s almost a 60% savings! Get this mini hub now and lessen the possibility of ever being stricken with nomophobia again. (Of course, the key is to remember to plug in your devices before the juice runs dry!)


Prices subject to change.


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