Soundbars are great but I found this device delivers even better TV audio

I’ve always enjoyed great sound quality when it comes to listening to music, whether it’s from one of our best record players, audiophile headphones or streamed wirelessly via one of the best Bluetooth speakers, say. My passion for all things audio also translates to watching movies and I naturally embraced the surround-sound movement with at least five speakers and a subwoofer dotted around the room when home theater first took off more than 20 years ago.

In fact, I was so into multi-channel sound and the immersive experience at the time, that I dedicated a room of my house to surround sound and movies, and kitted it out with a flat screen TV and a house-rattling subwoofer. At the time, this kind of home theater setup with first generation plasma flat screen – the TV tech before LCD, OLED and QLED – seemed like pure science fiction, and for myself and several friends at the time, staying in became the new going out .

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