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The second edition of IRONMAN Ireland, Cork on Sunday featured some very close racing in the professional field, which for 2022 was a Pro Women only event. It was also one of the last opportunities for athletes to qualify for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii this coming October,

With a $50,000 prize purse too, the winner would also collect $15,000 for their efforts. Lots on the line.

Who won? Results NOT yet finalized

Just hours ago we reported on Germany’s Svenja Thoes taking the title – her third career IRONMAN victory – but as of now it could be a case of ‘all change’. Thoes is seemingly set to lose that status with an apparent disqualification for outside assistance.

That would leave second-placed Simone Mitchell, winner of IRONMAN Wales in 2019, as the new winner. It could also make her fight back to regain second place over the final 3km and overtake Laura Zimmerman (GER), even more significant.

ironman ireland 2022 svenja thoes disqualification / Simone Mitchell
Simone Mitchell (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images for IRONMAN)

Not wanting to rely on the tracker app status of any second-hand information, we have followed up with the IRONMAN UK & Ireland media team for clarity, who have swiftly provided us with an official statement, confirming the following status as of 2130 on Sunday 14 August.

Official statement

“Race officials have noted an instance of alleged outside assistance related to professional athlete, Svenja Thoes, during the IRONMAN Ireland, Cork triathlon on Sunday 14 August 2022.

“Following investigation by race officials, the athlete was issued a post-race disqualification. The appeals process remains open to the athlete per regular competition rules, after which results will be finalized.”

We will of course provide any further updates when available on Monday.

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