Eve Aqua 3rd-gen is Thread enabled and Matter ready

Eve has taken the covers off of the 3rd-gen Eve Aqua smart irrigation hose connector.

Like the previous Eve Aqua models, the purpose of the device is to make watering your garden seamless and automated.

You can kick start a watering session with schedules, Siri command, HomeKit automations and – if you’re feeling retro – pushing a button.

If you don’t have a HomeKit hub setup you can still do schedules and smart watering using the Eve app.

However, to get the most out of it – especially as the new Eve Aqua boasts Thread and is ready for Matter – you’ll really want to get it singing and dancing within your HomeKit smart home.

In case you’re out of the loop, Thread is a low-power mesh networking protocol that will form a big part of the Matter smart home initiative, which is set to go live later this year.

Thread is a big boost for your HomeKit setup, take a look at our in-depth Thread explainer to understand why.

Eve is one of the early key movers in the Thread/Matter space. It rolled out Thread connectivity to a range of its HomeKit compatible smart home devices last year, including the likes of the new Eve Room and the Eve Weather.

Back to the new Eve Aqua and it’s a much slicker looking device than its predecessors.

Boasting a space gray body and matte black front, it measures in at 77 x 95 x 128 mm.

There’s a new brass faucet connector and magnetic valve to ensure improved durability, along with better leak protection and a near-silent operation.

“Eve Aqua looks gorgeous and makes smart gardening easy, safe and joyful,†explained Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems.

“Thread eliminates the need for a digital bridge, while the brass faucet adapter ensures a rock-solid physical connection. And of course, our beautiful Eve app brings it all together, making scheduling, and monitoring consumption, a breeze.â€

It’s on sale now and it costs $149.95.

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