Dermalogica Launches First Professional Device – WWD

Dermalogica is entering the device space with a product that looks to capitalize on its heritage in skin treatments and make professional level treatments more accessible.

The ProPen is a nano- and microneedling tool that comes with four cartridges offering different levels of penetration and precision, and has six speeds, from 7500 to 8600 RPM.

It is launching with ProRestore, a concentrate designed to speed up post-treatment recovery, which Dermalogica chief executive officer Aurelian Lis believes will be key in attracting new consumers, who are otherwise deterred by lengthy recovery rates.

“With changing consumer requirements and growing excitement about things like micro-needling, we see [this launch] as a way to get a whole new generation into this industry, which is both good for the livelihoods of those who work in the industry, but also for skin health in general,” Lis said.

Priced at $699, the ProPen Kit comes with the pen, batteries, a battery charger, power cord and plug, while cartridges are available in packs of 10 for $75–$100. A box of 12 tubes of ProRestore, which tackles post-treatment redness and discoloration, costs $120, and like the ProPen Kit, is only available for professional distribution.

“There are other needling pens on the market, but what’s exciting to me is that because [Dermalogica] knows both peels, as well as needling, we can actually create procedures and treatments which combine the two, and show fabulous results,” Lis said.

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