Colgate-Palmolive patents oral health smart device to track hygiene at home

Writing in its international patentColgate-Palmolive said it had designed a digital intraoral device that determined a range of oral health characteristics in users, including caries and plaque detection and functional blood mapping. The device used a light source and a matrix array multispectral sensor to capture spectral images of the oral cavity in the mouth, with results then processed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology and communicated directly with the user via an app.

“Technology for promoting a user’s health is known,” ​Colgate-Palmolive wrote in its patent filing. “In particular, connected health and consumer level diagnostic devices have been used among consumers to improve their long-term health care. For example, biometric devices may be used to ensure users are walking around and moving enough to prevent long-term muscular-skeletal problems and other health conditions. Comprehensive consumer level biometric and diagnostic devices for oral hygiene, however, are not commonly known or available,”it said.

While some oral diagnostic devices existed, the company said they often lacked functionality for improving oral health, such as the ability to detect caries and plaque or monitor hygiene, whiteness, hydration, or tongue bacteria. And few, it said, provided health product recommendations.

“Furthermore, none of the current devices receive input from the user about their current oral health problems or oral health goals. Thus, a simple and easy to use platform that allows connected and automated longitudinal monitoring of oral health is desired,”Colgate-Palmolive said. And its latest oral health device tackled all of this, it said.


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