Exec gives a behind the scenes look at Samsung’s CES 2023

Last updated: January 10th, 2023 at 16:17 UTC+01:00

Although CES 2023 is behind us, Samsung unveiled plenty of new and exciting products to keep the conversation going for at least a while longer. Even Samsung’s mysterious, empty booth begs for an explanation and has stirred up the curiosity of the fans.

But to wrap up the event in Las Vegas, the Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe, Benjamin Braun, shared a “behind the scenes at CES” video on LinkedIn detailing some of the best and most unique features available on Samsung’s latest TVs and home appliances. And to keep things even more interesting, the entire video was recorded using a Samsung mobile phone.

Smart home appliances with great features, enabled by SmartThings

In the video you can watch below, Samsung Europe’s CMO demonstrates how the tech giant’s latest freezers, fridges, and wine coolers can open with a touch and automatically close if you forget to open them, all the while sending a notification to your smartwatch or smartphone. Micro ovens and ovens have similar touch-based capabilities.

Samsung’s new washing machines use AI to lower the cost for households. The AI ​​can weigh your clothes and determine the amount of water, detergent, and time needed for a wash, thus lowering your monthly bill. Similarly, Samsung’s dishwashers can open their doors automatically when they finish cleaning the dishes, letting steam out and drying dishes at a lower cost.

Samsung also revealed a new extractor fan equipped with a sensor that adjusts the ventilation based on what you’re cooking and the air quality in your kitchen. Also demonstrated was the company’s latest ovens, which have built-in cameras that let you see, from your phone, how your food is cooking up. The cameras can record a timelapse of the cooking process, which you can save or share with others.

Another interesting feature is the dual-layered doors for some refrigerator models. Once again, Samsung is trying to cut down on your monthly bill, and this is yet another clever bit of engineering that should help in that regard. The first door gives you access to a container of cooled, filtered water, without having to open the entire refrigeration area, whereas opening the dual door altogether gives you access to the food compartment.

Of course, Samsung also announced new TVs, including a huge 140-inch model, and new gaming and smart monitors, all of which we covered extensively in our hands-on videos.

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