Epic Games Store Third Free Mystery Game Revealed

As Epic Games Store continues its free mystery game promotion, the service reveals the third title and it is available until December 18.

The holidays are here, and the Epic Games Store free mystery game promotion is well underway with it revealing the third game for this year. As many may recall from past years, this event sees the Epic Games Store give away a game every day, rotating them out at 10 am CT, instead of its weekly Thursday pattern.

So far, the Epic Games Store has given out Bloons TD6—a tower defense game—as well as Horizon Chase Turbo, an arcade racing game. This free mystery game has given away big-budget, AAA games in the past, so many may be confused about the start so far this year. It remains to be seen what else is added, but available from December 17 to December 18 at 10 am CT is the third free mystery game.

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The latest addition to the Epic Games Store free mystery game promotion is Costume Quest 2. It is a fun, casual RPG where trick-or-treaters must face off with dental soldiers, complete with time-traversing landscapes, new costumes, and treat cards for combat. It’s a fun, simple little adventure, if a little late for the Halloween season.

costume quest 2 eg

Of course, EGS doesn’t confirm what the next game will be, but looking at the wrapping paper provides some hints. There appears to be a Viking helmet, and keeping up with the size and theme of past games, it could be Tribes of Midgard. That’s hard to say for sure, but either way, fans don’t have a long wait.

Epic Games Store Free Mystery Game for December 17

  • Costume Quest 2 (until December 18 at 10 am CT)
  • New Mystery Game (December 18-December 19, beginning and ending at 10 am CT)

One of the biggest questions right now is how long the Epic Games Store free mystery game promotion will last. It’s hard to say, since there has been no official announcement, but the service has given out somewhere between 12-15 games in the past. It seems safe enough to expect that again, but whether it’s late this December or sometime in early January, fans can expect the Epic Games Store to return to its weekly giveaways as soon as this special holiday promotion is concluded.

Epic Games Store users get a handful of free games every month.

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