Drecom announces Tokyo Stories for console, PC

Drecom has announced Tokyo Stories (working title), a new title directed by rain director Yuki Ikeda for console and PC. It will launch in 2023.

The official website the genre as “to be determined.”

Get the first details below, via the game’s Twitter account.

Concept and Characters

The city continues to tell her story, even after her disappearance.

Experience the human drama that unfolds within the forgotten city of Tokyo drawn in a pixel art style.

Tokyo Stories
Tokyo Stories
Tokyo Stories
Tokyo Stories

A girl who came to this town to bring back her disappeared friend.

Tokyo Stories

A young man who came to this town with a secret he cannot share.

Tokyo Stories

A girl who disappeared into this town without telling where she was headed.

Tokyo Stories

“Tokyo.” What lies behind this empty city…

Tokyo Stories

Watch the debut trailer, a demonstration movie, and several short films and development movies below.

Trailer #1

Demonstration Movie

Short Films

01. Train

Unsure of its destination, one can only hope that this subway will lead to her.

02. Stairs

With every connection lost, how far adrift will this empty city lead us.

03. Neon

The light that was supposed to illuminate the darkness, instead casts more shadow over the conclusion of this story…

04. Mirror

The cold floor reflects the image of a helpless face and the empty sky.

05. Lie

Perhaps his lax attitude was a tactful way to maneuver out of the harsh reality.

06. She

Will she accept me, as I am right now.

Development Movies

01. Background

Dev. progress sneak peek! Here is a breakdown video of how a 3D background becomes a pixel art!

02. Character

Characters are created through many stages. We put a lot of effort into this part.

03. Camera

The camera angle changes with the character’s movement. It requires many adjustments to guide the player’s eye naturally on to the key points of the scene.

04. Effects

Visual effects are applied in two ways. One is placed directly on the stage, and the other is applied on the entire screen.

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