Download the beautiful Saltern wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac from Basic Apple Guy

Following up after launching a wallpaper in honor of the iPhone’s 16th birthday, Basic Apple Guy is back with some gorgeous wallpapers that were inspired by images used to unveil the iPad Pro but were never included on the device. Download the Saltern wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac below.

Apple didn’t include the stunning Saltern Study images to use as wallpapers but they did feature them when announcing the original iPad Pro in 2016.

Saltern Study 06 and 10 were created by photographer David Burdeny and inspired Basic Apple Guy to create these amazing new wallpapers.

Basic Apple Guy more on the process in a blog post:

“Taken above the Great Salt Lake in Utah in 2015, these vibrant and minimalist aerial photographs have been some of my favorite pictures to gaze upon. There is a quality that I am drawn to in these images, how the landscapes look both foreign and manufactured or how roads and channels blur into gradients into mountains far off in the distance. At first glance, I am left wondering if I’m looking at a painting or a photograph. These images also evoke comparisons to the prairie fields of Montana or Alberta, which stretch endlessly into the horizon before brushing up against the Rocky Mountains. However, since I’m not about to drop $18,000 on one of these prints, I strived to create a collection of wallpapers inspired by David Burdeny’s work.”

Download the Saltern wallpapers

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