BUS1 Working On “r-linux” – A Rust Capability-Based Linux Runtime

BUS1 started out as a Linux kernel IPC module following the failure of KDBUS and while there still are occasional commits to that out-of-tree BUS1 kernel module, the involved (Red Hat) developers have been primarily working on Dbus-Broker as the high performance, user-space D-Bus implementation that delivers greater speed and reliability over the reference D-Bus code. Now also popping up under the BUS1 umbrella is “r-linux” as a Rust-written, capability-based Linux runtime.

Over the past month under the BUS1 area, David Rheinsberg of Red Hat who is known for his work on systemd, Dbus-Broker, etc, has been working on r-linux. This Rust crate is focused on making it easier to interface with the Linux kernel API from the Rust programming language in user-space:

The r-linux project provides direct access to the application programming interfaces of the linux kernel. This includes direct unprotected accessors to the kernel API, as well as rustified traits and functions to access the kernel API in a safe, capability-based way.

R-linux is triple-licensed under the MIT License, the Apache License Version 2.0, and the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1+.

So far r-linux has been worked on by David Rheinsberg with a number of commits over the past month though no formal release yet. Those wishing to follow the development of r-linux can find it via bus1/r-linux on GitHub.


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