A Look At The Quaxly Final Evolution

With Pokemon Scarlet And Violet coming out, fans will decide which starter Pokemon to choose to begin their adventure. Here is a look at the Quaxly Final evolution and Middle Evolution to help make that choice easier.

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At Level 16, Quaxly evolves into Quaxwell.

Then, at Level 36, Quaxwell evolves into Quaquaval. This changes the typing from just Water to Water and Fighting.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Evolutions

Quaxly’s evolved form is a Water/Fighting-type. Torrent will be its default ability and will have Moxie as its Hidden Ability. From a competitive standpoint, Quaquaval gives off numerous weaknesses, and its stat spread of 85/120/80/85/75/85 leaves it too slow to accomplish much of anything. If the competitive aspect doesn’t bother trainers, then don’t let that alter your decision.

Regardless of which stater trainers choose a brand new Pokemon game is coming out and it is time for a Pokemon main game to finally be a full-on open world.

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