Dennis Allen comfortable with decision to play Andy Dalton over Jameis Winston

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Saints quarterback Jameis Winston started the first three games before a back injury. He never saw the field again.

Even when the Saints were mired in a 2-6 stretch after Winston’s injury, they never turned back to Winston after he was healthy enough to return.

Allen had a one-word answer when asked Monday if he had a good enough evaluation of Winston.

“Yeah,” Allen answered, not elaborating.

Winston passed for 858 yards with four touchdowns and five interceptions, and the Saints were 1-2 in his starts this season. Dalton passed for 2,871 yards with 18 touchdowns and nine interceptions as the Saints went 6-8 in his starts.

“Well look, I think initially it was the injury issue,” Allen said of Winston’s benching, via John Hendrix of And then as time went on, I felt like Andy was the one who gave us a better opportunity to win. And we didn’t win enough games, so all those things are always gonna be questioned and second-guessed. I don’t know if second-guessed is the right word but be questioned. And I’m comfortable with that.”

Winston is under contract in 2023, while Dalton is scheduled for free agency.

The Saints will surely try to upgrade the position during the offseason.

“I think the quarterback position is always going to be the biggest position,” Allen said, “so certainly that’ll be a position we evaluate, as will everything else.”

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