Alan Williams Puts A Number On How Many Times He Plans To Blitz

Creating pressure on the quarterback in the NFL is not easy. There are two ways teams often go about it. Either they rely on their defensive front to apply the pressure alone, or they rely on creative blitz packages. It comes down to philosophy more than anything. However, teams with weaker fronts are often forced to rely on the blitz. It was interesting to hear what new defensive coordinator Alan Williams had to say on the subject.

Reporters asked his thoughts on the blitz and generating pressure. He said the team would be judicious about it, making such calls according to the situation. The way he phrased the words made it clear he isn’t going to be a Todd Bowles or Brian Flores who utilized the blitz more than anyone in 2021. That isn’t how this new defense will function. Williams even provided a concrete percentage the Bears will likely hover around.

The stats back up Alan Williams on this.

Last season, the Indianapolis Colts blitzed opposing quarterbacks 134 times. That worked out to 20.2% of their total rushes. The Houston Texans did it 117 times or 19.5%. They played under Lovie Smith, who runs the exact same system as Matt Eberflus. The Bears will clearly depend heavily on their front four to generate the pressure. This is not a huge surprise. That is how they operated under Smith for years back in the 2000s.

Such a defense can work when that is the case. Applying pressure with four allows Alan Williams to drop seven players into coverage, wreaking havoc on potential passing windows. It forces a quarterback to work the ball down the field in smaller chunks. That increases the odds of an offense making a mistake in the form of a turnover or failed conversion.

It is for this reason that the Bears are not eager to trade Robert Quinn. He is the best pass rusher they have by a wide margin. Moving him would render their front almost toothless. It is also why more big investments will likely come there next off-season.

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