WWE Rumor Roundup – Massive first-time-ever match for Roman Reigns delayed, Top name disrespected Bray Wyatt backstage over his physique, Update on former star’s relationship with Triple H

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Roman Reigns is still WWE’s undisputed top guy despite fans regularly questioning the future of his historic title reign. However, recent updates suggest that WWE might save a massive match for Survivor Series as it could be one of his toughest challenges.

Bray Wyatt’s name has also been discussed since Triple H took over. We end the latest rumor roundup with a comprehensive report on the former Universal Champion’s status.

#1. WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns vs. Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross’ reintroduction on WWE TV has given Roman Reigns another credible title challenger to worry about on SmackDown.

Kross has been positioned as the #2 heel on the brand behind Reigns, and they are expected to clash in the future. However, the long-awaited match might not happen until Survivor Series, as Dave Meltzer revealed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It was stated that if WWE decides to go ahead with Kross vs. Reigns, it will most likely feature on TV or the Survivor Series card. Here’s an excerpt:

”Reigns is not booked on Extreme Rules in Philadelphia at this point. If they go with Reigns vs. Kross, as things stand right now, it would either be TV or the earliest would be Survivor Series barring the weekly circumstances involved in wrestling,” said Meltzer.

The Tribal Chief is not slated to compete at Extreme Rules in October and could only be available for Survivor Series in November.

At Clash at the Castle, Reigns will defend his title against Drew McIntyre. However, the showdown could witness another significant return, as Drew McIntyre recently teased!

#2. Details of backstage issues between Bray Wyatt and Vince McMahon

Bray Wyatt was among the most established stars on the roster before his exit. However, his deteriorating relationship with Vince McMahon might have led to his unfortunate downfall in the company.

Fightful Select reports that Vince McMahon “was simply done” with Bray Wyatt before he was released in 2021. A talent close to the situation said that it reached a point where Vince McMahon personally disliked Bray Wyatt.

Rumors also state that Vince McMahon would often scream derogatory things directly at Bray Wyatt regarding the superstar’s physique. The locker room believes that McMahon’s disrespectful comments were in response to Bray Wyatt’s criticism over a lack of creative direction for his stories and character.

Shortly after Bray Wyatt was let go, speculation about his alleged “bad attitude” began surfacing online, which apparently originated from people in Vince McMahon’s inner circle.

The company might have done it to shed the heat from releasing a prominent name like Wyatt, because talent who worked with Bray Wyatt shot down rumors about his attitude as he was always considered a great co-worker.

McMahon was never in favor of getting Wyatt back as the former CEO “had reservations” whenever the superstar’s name came up in recent months. During his time in WWE, Bray Wyatt was vocal about his creative frustrations, and Vince McMahon saw it as the wrestler “being difficult to deal with.”

#3. Could Bray Wyatt return under Triple H’s regime?

Now, all roads seemingly lead to Bray Wyatt’s WWE return. However, how is Wyatt’s relationship with the new boss, Triple H?

Fightful referred to it as a “clean state” and stated that Triple H is willing to work with anyone who can add value. The belief is that Triple H will overlook all the issues Vince McMahon had with Bray Wyatt and try to book him better if he chooses to return.

While Bray Wyatt is one of the most well-known former stars being discussed for a comeback, RingSideNews reported that there had been no confirmed talks this far. However, the creative team were informed about Wyatt and the possibility of him re-signing with the promotion.

“His name was mentioned to certain creative team members as advance notice that there may or may not be discussions going on, and that the rumor mill is churning about it. It was nether a confirmation or a denial of discussions.”

Bray Wyatt’s name has been pitched internally for a return, and going by Triple H’s recent spree of signings, you could safely bet on the Eater of Worlds’ reappearance.

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