Late Night Reacts to Cassidy Hutchinson’s Damning Trump Testimony

“That’s no way to treat the Secret Service – that’s how you treat a contestant in the dressing room of the Miss Universe pageant.” – CHELSEA HANDLER, guest host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

“Trump is fighting to take control of the president’s car like it’s an action movie, only he’s the president and this is real life.” – TREVOR NOAH

“I mean you’ve got to admit, though, fighting your own Secret Service agent is genius on Trump’s part – he’s hitting the one person who can’t hit back. Yeah, they can punch back but then they’ve got to jump in front of their own punch. ” – TREVOR NOAH

“When grabbing the steering wheel didn’t work, he grabbed the car by the [expletive]. ” – CHELSEA HANDLER

“Immediately the agents were like, ‘Who the hell let him out of his car seat?'” – JIMMY FALLON

“That’s insane, but it’s going to make a great season premiere of ‘Kleptocrats in Cars Seizing Power.'” – STEPHEN COLBERT

“Not to victim blame, but this is on the Secret Service, all right? You had four years to Trump-proof that vehicle – you knew who you were dealing with. There should have been a toy steering wheel in the passenger seat the whole time. Just let him think he’s driving and go back to the West Wing anyway. ” – TREVOR NOAH

“Folks, speaking of Jan. 6 plotters, this weekend Rudy Giuliani was assaulted by a grocery store worker on Staten Island. Before I go any further, before I say anything else, let me say that Rudy Giuliani is fine, other than the fact that he remains Rudy Giuliani. ” – STEPHEN COLBERT

“And more importantly,‘ The Late Show ’and‘ The Late Show ’family of producers condemns violence of any kind. You should not go out and lay a finger on the former mayor in any way. First, because it is just wrong, and, second, because you don’t want to get any of that weird Rudy juice on you. ” – STEPHEN COLBERT

“Something tells me this isn’t the first time Rudy has exaggerated the size of something.” – CHELSEA HANDLER

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