The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On January 25, 2023

We are walking into a very, very good day for love, romance and for passion. We are looking at how the Moon in Aries and the Sun sextile Jupiter play a very big role in taking our relationships to the next level. What?

You didn’t think there was a next level? Of course, there is, and for many of us, on January 25, we will discover that the love life we’re experiencing has a long way to go…and it’s all positive.

The Aries Moon is going to make sure that if we have something to say to our loved one, we’re not only going to say it, we’re going to present it with flowers, chocolates, gifts and love letters.

And because we also have Sun sextile Jupiter stomping around, we will feel extremely good about the love we have, so much so that we really do want to impress this person and show them that they’ve chosen wisely when they chose you as a partner .

Today is also the kind of day where we make fools out of ourselves, but not the kind of fool that is ridiculed, rather, we are fools for love, and because our displays of affection are so over the top and goofy, we may end up cracking our partner up.

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Be on the lookout for serious giggling and laughter on this day. For those of us lucky enough to be with someone very special know that today could be…memorable, to say the least.


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