Shakira Slams Gerard Piqué in New Song With Bizarrap – Rolling Stone

The Colombian superstar let it all out on the highly anticipated track with the viral super-producer Bizarrap

The Argentinean producer Bizarrap has a way of disarming artists during his wildly popular BZRP Music Sessions on YouTube. The viral series has featured names like Residente, Paulo Londra, and Villano Antillano — all people who took the mic and let everything out over Bizarrap’s futuristic beats.

Still, no one was expecting global powerhouse Shakira to unleash the way she does on the latest BZRP Music Session. In fact, fans could hardly believe it when Bizarrap announced on Tuesday that the Colombian superstar would be the latest guest on his music series, and quickly began counting down until the YouTube video was released.

It finally came Wednesday night and it delivers on what was anticipated. Over an electronic beat, Shakira reminds people of the superstar she is and addresses her breakup from soccer player Gerard Piqué — the couple split last year after an 11-year relationship. “Una loba como yo no esta pa’ tipos como tu (A wolf like me isn’t for guys like you),” she declares, referencing her 2009 mega-hit “She Wolf.”


“I won’t get back with you, not if you cry, not even if you beg me,” she sings in Spanish in one of the most biting lines. “It’s clear that it’s not my fault if they criticize you. I just make music, sorry if it splashes you.” She pauses at the end, emphasizing “pique” in the Spanish word “salpique” — a clear nod at her ex.

The song is Shakira’s latest release and follows her Ozuna collaboration “Monotonía,” which came out last October. The video also touched on the breakup, showing Shakira walking through the streets with a hole in her chest while people around her trampled on her heart. Before that, Shakira dropped “Te Felecito,” an upbeat track featuring Rauw Alejandro. The song, which came out in April last year, hit Number One on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart — and signaled that Shakira was back in the studio working on new music. Fans are anticipating a new album this year.

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